To Promote Japan-Quebec Relations by Posting Information about Quebec: カナダ・ケベック州の情報を発信して日本・ケベック関係を促進する

Mr. Michel Bissonnet's Visit to Japan:ミシェル・ビソネ氏訪日

President of Quebec Assembly;ケベック州議会議長


Mr. Yoshitaka Murata, Mr. Bissonnet, Mr. Hisanori Isomura


Participants in the Dinner Welcoming Mr. Bissonnet

On September 22, Mr. Jean Clavet, Delegation General of the Quebec Government in Tokyo, held a dinner reception at Imperial Hotel in Tokyo in honor of Mr. Michel Bissonnet, President of the Quebec Assembly, together with Mr. Francois Cote, Secretary General of the Quebec Assembly, by inviting those Japanese leaders who have had close relations with Quebec in politics, business, education and journalism.
In his speech, Mr. Bissonnet first expressed his sincere thanks to the Japanese participants for their contributions to Japan-Quebec relations, and then shared his impression about Japan: he said he was particularly impressed with the Japanese sense of cleanliness, friendliness, and good humor, and now had deeper appreciation of Japanese contributions to culture, business and society in Quebec.
The Japanese participants are: Mr. Yoshitaka Murata, Mr. Hisanori Isomura, Mr. Keikichi Honda, Mr. Tomohiko Taniguchi, Mr. Hiroshi Mitani, Mr. Yoshikazu Obata and Mr. Takahiro Miyao.
Mr. Bissonnet's visit has been arranged in connection with an exchange program for political leaders in Japan and Quebec to promote mutual understandings of each other's political and social systems, and the dinner reception was a great success for this purpose.


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Promoting Japan-Quebec Relations:日本・ケベック関係の促進

Announcement of Our New Project: 新プロジェクトのアナウンス

We hereby announce that we are starting a new project to promote Japan-Quebec relations by posting information about Quebec.
To start with, we plan to interview opinion leaders in Japan as well as in Quebec regarding Japan-Quebec relations, especially in such fields as history, arts, politics, economics and business, and post summaries of such interviews on this blog.

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