To Promote Japan-Quebec Relations by Posting Information about Quebec: カナダ・ケベック州の情報を発信して日本・ケベック関係を促進する

DRALION in Quebec Month:ケベック月間の「ドラリオン」

DRALION in Quebec Month:ケベック月間の「ドラリオン」

Event For Investment Quebec:ケベック投資公社訪日イベント

Mr. Daoust & Mr. Clavet Celebrating Quebec Month (March 23)
カクテルパーティ Dralion.jpg

Cocktail Party for Investment Quebec representatives to interact with Japanese business people and investors

Enjoying Cirque du Soleil's "DRALION"
@新ビッグトップ DralionD.jpg

All the participants invited to DRALION by the Delegation Office of Quebec Government after the party
DRALION: New circus with amazing coordination of various artistic performances (truly incredible!) from both the East and the West to impress and satisfy the audience to the fullest extent
DRALION in Tokyo
Interview with Prof. Sota on Quebec Performing Arts

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Investment Quebec Delegation:ケベック州投資公社の訪日団

Investment Quebec Delegation:ケベック州投資公社の訪日団

Meeting with Japanese Economists:日本の経済学者との交流

Lunch Time Discussion@Tokyo American Club in Azabudai
アメリカン・クラブ Invest1.jpg

ランチタイムの意見交換 Invest2.jpg

A group of representatives of Investment Quebec (Investissement Quebec), led by president-director general Jacques Daoust, visited Japan and exchanged their views and information with two economists, Keikichi Honda and Takahiro Miyao, and a businessperson, Matthew Rosin, on the Japan side over lunch at Tokyo American Club in Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo on March 22.
It was arranged by the Delegation Office of the Quebec Government, represented by Jean Clavet (Delegation General) and Marc Beliveau.
After various topics were taken up, all the participants agreed that Japan and Quebec were quite complementary with each other in terms of industry, technology, energy, etc., and a closer relationship and more frequent exchange would benefit the both sides. For that purpose, Japan-Quebec relations should not be the "best-kept secret," but rather be more actively publicized.

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