To Promote Japan-Quebec Relations by Posting Information about Quebec: カナダ・ケベック州の情報を発信して日本・ケベック関係を促進する

Day 5: Visiting Universities: 大学訪問

Day 5: Visiting Universities: 大学訪問

McGill University: マッギル大学

University of Montreal: モントリオール大学

HEC Montreal: HECモントリオール

Student Cafeteria Downstairs: 1階のカフェテリア

Prof. Francois Leroux:
In Charge of Foreign Exchange Program

NOTE: My personal thanks to Prof. Leroux for arranging my visit to HEC Montreal and for his stimulating talk about recent developments in his school as well as business management topics.
HEC Montreal: http://www.hec.ca/en/
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Day 4: Montreal Jazz Festival: 国際ジャズ祭

Day 4: Montreal Jazz Festival: モントリオール・

Jazz for Families & Children: 家族向きジャズ
For Kids 80629m1.jpg

Junior Jazz Performace: 若者のジャズ演奏
For Juniors 80629o1.jpg

Jazz for Adults: 大人向きのジャズ
For Adults 80629z1.jpg

Sliding Hammers (Swedish sisters like "JJ & K"):
YouTube Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFjFEvAWO90
A Japanese duo, pianist Satoko Fujii and trumpeter Natsuki Tamura, appeared in a ticketed event on June 29, but it was all sold out. According to a local newpaper, this couple (wife & husband) are very active in Tokyo and New York, and seem very popular in Montreal as well.
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Talk With Dr. & Mrs. Charron: シャロン博士夫妻との会話

Dinner with Dr. & Mrs. Charron

Claude-Yves Charron and Misa Hirai Charron

On Saturday, June 28, I had dinner with Dr. Claude-Yves Charron and Mrs. Misa Hirai at the "best" Japanese restaurant in Montreal, where we enjoyed good sake and excellent sushi as well as our conversation.
I presented them with a question which was raised during our seminar discussion at L'Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo last month, that is; "Why Quebec for Japan?"
In response, Dr. Charron said that Quebec could be a model for Japan as a bridge between different cultures in the international context, while Mrs. Misa Hirai emphasized some commen elements between Japan and Quebec such as sophistication, high-quality and artistic sense.
Dr. Charron also pointed out the fact that Japan, squeezed by the powers of China and the U.S., needs a kind of survival strategy that Quebec has developed to survive between the powers of Europe and the U.S.
In the end, the three of us agreed that a closer relation between Japan and Quebec would benefit each other tremendously, and especially Japan would be able to learn from Quebec in terms of logical thinking, self-expression and open-mindedness, all of which are so essential in survival and prosperity in this globalized world.
Interview with Dr. Charron (8/30/2007):

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Day 3: Montreal Events: モントリオールにて

Day 3: Montreal Events: モントリオールにて

Revisiting Botanical Garden: 植物園再訪

Japanese Pavilion & Garden: 日本パビリオン

Reunion with Ms. Sonia Dandaneau on
Japan Program/Exhibitions at the Pavilion
Sonia 80628w2.jpg

Featuring Lacquerware (Called "Japan")
Takashi Maruyama's Works Displayed
漆工芸品の特別展示: 丸山高志氏の作品

Interview with Mr. Takashi Maruyama
Maruyama 80628w4.jpg

It happened that Mr. Takashi Maruyama, executive director of the Japan Urushi Art and Craft Asssociation, gave a lecture on the art of lacquerware as well as offered a "Maki-e" workshop (gold sprinkle lacquer painting) during the weekend when I visited the Japanese pavilion, where I came across Sonia-san with Mr. Maruyama, and she was kind enough to introduce me to him. Then, he was interviewed by a reporter of the Nikka Times about his life with lacquerware, and I was allowed to sit beside them and listen to his interview.
In the interview Mr. Maruyama said that he picked up a necessary skill for lacquer craft work from his father, who was also a lacquer craftman. It was interesting to hear that Mr. Maruyama has found the "goodness" and versatility of lacquer, and has been applying it not only to traditional Japanese woodworks, but also to artcrafts and daily items in Asia and Europe. He is so open-minded!
In response to the interviewer's question of how to revive Japan's lacquerware industry, Mr. Maruyama clearly said that we must go back to "square one," where there should be no extablishment or professional ladder to rank lacquerware only according to conventional standards, which tend to deviate from the original spirit of lacquer and lacquerware.
He surely sounded like a great master in this field, as his points are relevant not only in this particular field but also in other fields of traditional Japanese arts and crafts.
Finally, Mr. Maruyama was really appreciative of Sonia-san for her hard work in organizing this exellent project and inviting him to give presentations about lacquerware.
Reference: 参考: See More Photos (6/28):

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Day 2: Quebec under Sun: 晴天のケベック市

Day 2: Quebec under Sun: 晴天のケベック市

Celebrating 400th Anniversary: 400周年祭

Old Port of Quebec with Image Mill in Daylight:

Passengers: Exhibition@Espace 400 Pavilion:
旅行客がテーマのEspace 400 パビリオン展示

My Name Appeared on Arrival Board@Espace:
Espace 400 の到着板に表示される自分の名前
Miyao 80627W.jpg

I Was Interviewed As Tourist in CBC Radio Booth:
CBC Radioブースで旅行者としてインタビュー受ける
(Radio Canada Interviewer: Alice Musabende)
@CBC 80627X.jpg

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Revisit to Quebec & Montreal:ケベック・モントリオール再訪

Revisit to Quebec & Montreal:ケベック・モントリオール再訪

To Celebrate "Quebec 400":ケベック市400周年記念祝い
Stop over 80626c.jpg

I am now revisiting Quebec to join the City's celebration on its 400th anniversary this year, and also traveling to Montreal to see some friends on this occasion.
It was a long flight from Los Angeles to Quebec City, which took about 10 hours with a long stop-over break (plus a flight delay) at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. But as soon as I arrived at the Quebec Airport, I felt at home, greeted by friendly staff members at the airport as well as at the hotel.
Now I am looking forward to visiting various places and getting together with my friends here in Quebec and also in Montreal.
Previous Visit to Montreal and Quebec (2007/8/29-31):
Quebec City's 400th Anniversary Homepage:
@Hotel 80626e.jpg

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