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Canada, Quebec & Japan: カナダ・ケベックと日本

Canada, Quebec & Japan: カナダ・ケベックと日本

IUJ Platform Seminar October Meeting

Mr. Marc Beliveau & Speaker Mr. Daniel Dignard
(Delegation Office of Quebec Government-Tokyo)
Speaker Meiji University Prof. Yoshikazu Obata

It is widely reported that Cirque du Soleil, world-renowned performing art group from Quebec, Canada, opened a permanent venue in Tokyo Disney Resort earlier this month. In order to commemorate this special development, the October meeting of the Global Communications Platform seminar series was held, focusing on the relationship between Japan and Canada in a broader context of North America as well as in a well-focused context of Japan-Quebec relations, at GLOCOM Hall on 10/21(Tue) 4-6pm.

The first speaker was Mr. Daniel Dignard, Director of Economic Services, Delegation Office of Quebec Government in Tokyo, who gave a talk in English about economic relations between Japan and Canada with reference to NAFTA on one hand and Quebec on the other. Mr. Dignard emphasized the positive effect of NAFTA on Canada, especially on Quebec, and suggested a number of areas, such as science and technology cooperation, where Japan can benefit from a closer relationship with Canada in general and Quebec in particular.

The second speaker was Prof. Yoshikazu Obata (Meiji University), who has just launched a new
Association for Quebec Studies in Japan, and explained in Japanese about the cultural and histrocial background of Quebec and its significance from the viewpoint of Japan. Prof. Obata vividly described the attractiveness of the Quebec literature, performing arts, and other cultural activities, and pointed out an increasing interest in Quebec on the part of many Japanese scholars and students, leading to his inititative in launching a new association for Quebec studies.

After the presentations, a free discussion took place, and many interesting questions and commments were given by participants including a former ambassador to Canada, and a representative from the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. In particular, some merits and demerits of using French as the main language in Quebec were discussed. At any rate, there seem to be a lot of good opportunities for Canada, Quebec and Japan to develop mutually beneficial relations in various fields, from culture and society to business and technology.
Japan-Quebec Blog:

カナダ・ケベック出身の世界的に有名な「シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ」が今月初めに、年間を通じて公演できる常設シアターを東京ディズニーリゾートに開設して、 新しいプレイ「ZED」を披露していることが広く報道されている。この機会をとらえて、月例の情報発信セミナー10月会合では、日本とカナダの関係を経済、資源、技術、芸術などの面について、一方では北米NAFTAの視点から、他方ではケベックの視点から取り上げた。日時は、10月21日(火)16:00-18:00、場所は六本木のGLOCOMホール。
まずパート1(英語)では、カナダ・ケベック州東京事務所の経済担当官のダニエル・ディニャール氏(Mr. Daniel Dignard)より、最近の北米NAFTAおよびカナダと日本の経済関係、さらにケベック州の持つ特別の役割と日本との関係についてプレゼンがあった。ディニャール氏は、特にNAFTAがカナダ経済、特にケベック州に対して持つプラスの影響を強調するとともに、日本がカナダとの関係、特にケベックとの関係を緊密にして、科学技術を始め様々な分野で協力することの重要性を指摘した。
それに次ぐパート2(日本語)では、最近「日本ケベック学会」(The Japan Association for Quebec Studies)を立ち上げた小畑精和明治大学教授より、ケベックの文化的・歴史的背景と日本から見たその意義についてのプレゼンがあった。特に小畑教授は、ケベックの文学や舞台芸術などの文化的活動の魅力について熱く語るとともに、日本の研究者や学生の間でケベックに対する興味が高まってきていること、その結果として日本でも新しくケベック学会を立ち上げたことを指摘した。
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Cirque du Soleil in Tokyo: シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ・イン東京

Cirque du Soleil in Tokyo: シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ・イン東京

Event@Canadian Embassy: カナダ大使館でのイベント

Ms. Aiko Okawara introducing the Speaker
大河原愛子氏による紹介 81002Q6.jpg

Mr. Daniel Lamarre, President & CEO, Cirque du Soleil

Ms. Suzanne Ethier, concluding the Presentation Session
スザンヌ・エティエ氏の挨拶 81002U6.jpg

On October 2, a special event, featuring Mr. Daniel Lamarre, president and CEO of Cirque du Soleil, was held at the Embassy of Canada, organized by the Canadian Embassy and the Delegation Office of Quebec Government on the occasion that the permanent venue of Cirque du Soleil with a new show "ZED" was just opened at Tokyo Disney Resort.
Mr. Lamarre first mentioned that after Las Vegas, Tokyo is Cirque du Soleil's number one city in terms of ticket sales, and then eloquently explained the secret of his company's success, emphasizing "creativity" as the main value to maintain and promote over monetary returns. He said "we are dreamers," and "dedicated to creation, production and performance on artistic works whose mission is to invoke the imaginations, provoke the senses and evoke the emotions of people around the world." Mr. Lamarre also pointed out that social values are equally important and one percent of the revenue (not the profit!) has been contributed to social causes with a new foundation just established to do more, such as "One Drop" to help solve the water problem on the global scale.
After the presentation, he was willing to answer some questions from the floor, regarding the recrutiment and training of their talented people, and Japan's contribution to their artistic as well as business success. It was such an impressive event that must have satisfied everyone who attended.
The presentation session was concluded by Ms. Suzanne Ethier, Tokyo representative of the Delegation Office of Quebec Government, to be followed by a reception which was hosted by Ms. Christine St-Pierre, Quebec Minister of Culture, Communications & Gender Equality.

Mme Christine St-Pierre giving welcome address

"ZED"; Official Site:
Japan-Quebec Blog (3/23/2007):
DRALION in Quebec Month:ケベック月間の「ドラリオン」

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