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Mme Suzanne Ethier's Lecture: スザンヌ・エティエ代表の講演

Mme Suzanne Ethier's Lecture on Human Resource Mobility

Lecture Title: 演題:
High-skilled human resource management: Quebec-France treaty

Date/Time: 20 December 2010: 12月20日(月)13:00-14:30
Venue: Meiji University, Liberty Tower: 明治大学リバティタワー
Prof. Yoshikazu Obata's "Modern Quebec" Course at Meiji University

Mme Susanne Ethier, Délégation général du Québec à Tokyo
Lecture Summary:
In the age of globalization, there is a severe shortage of skilled human resources developing worldwide. In dealing with this problem, the Quebec government has adopted unique, innovative policies to attract and retain highly qualified professionals. In addition to its immigration policy based on skills, work experiences, language proficiencies, etc., the Province of Quebec has recently concluded a treaty with France for mutual recognition of professional qualifications so that high-skilled workers can be readily exchanged and fully utilitzed for the benefit of both Quebec and France. The important point is that not just professional certificates/degrees but also actual skills and experiences as professionals are to be evaluated and recognized and, furthermore, administrative procedures are to be relaxed for professionals to start working in their new environment. This Quebec-France treaty could be used as a model in the future negotiations on a Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Europe.

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