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Interview with Mr. Mohan Patel:モハン・パテル氏とのインタビュー

Interview with Mr. Mohan Patel:モハン・パテル氏とのインタビュー

Interview Series #8:インタビューシリーズ#8

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Interviewee: Mr. Mohan Patel
Representative Director, Investissement Quebec-Japan Office
(Date: June 14, 2007; Place: Delegation Office of Quebec Government; Interviewer/Writer: Takahiro Miyao)

Summary of Mr. Patel’s Interview

My relationship with Japan dates back to my childhood years, as I used to live in Kobe with my parents who came from India to do business in Japan. Then, I moved to the U.S. for education, then to Montreal, Canada, before being hired by a Japanese trading company, which sent me to their Tokyo office. That was in the 1980s and stayed with that company until 2003. Those were exciting years, when I made a lot of personal as well as business connections, some of which I am now trying to reestablish for my current work.

I am now working for “Investissement Quebec” (or "investment Quebec"), which is a government organization with its president-director general originally from the banking industry. In fact, Investment Quebec might be regarded as a combination of an economic development agency and a bank. But it is different from a purely private bank, because inducing foreign investment into Quebec is not a short-term job with profit orientation, but will require long-term efforts and commitment. This is why the government is behind it, and we are trying our best to obtain good results, hopefully satisfying even commercial criteria.

Of course, there is strong competition in attracting Japanese investment to North America. It comes from the U.S. as well as other Canadian provinces. Having lived in Montreal and elsewhere, however, I can clearly present to potential investors a number of merits and advantages that Montreal and other cities in Quebec possess. For one thing, we have low-cost and high-quality electricity available to business. Second, we have a strong IT industry, especially in the multi-media field. A related point is the strength of our universities and research institutions which are producing good human resources with creativity and often multi-language skills. This means that if you come to Quebec to set up your base in North America, you will also be able to explore the European market through Quebec with its people, language, and culture close to Europe. These are some of the specific advantages that Quebec possesses over other regions in North America, I believe.

From the Japanese companies’ viewpoint, I can also see some more advantage in employing people in Quebec, because they generally prefer to stay and enjoy life within Quebec, rather than moving around for better economic opportunities as in America and other Canadian provinces. This means that Japanese companies could develop a long-term relationship with each employee for mutual benefit more easily in Quebec than anywhere else in North America.
Therefore, my task is to let Japanese businesspeople be aware of these advantages by holding a series of lectures and seminars about investment in Quebec. At the same time, an important thing is to find those companies that are actually planning to expand their operations overseas, especially in North America. In any case we need sustained, constant efforts in this regard, and that is why I am here in Tokyo to represent the public organization, Investment Quebec. Having lived on the both sides of the world, I feel this is a very gratifying job for me.
Investment Quebec (English):
Investissement Quebec (French):

(Interviewer: Takahiro Miyao)

現在、私はInvestment Quebecという政府の組織で仕事をしていますが、これはトップが銀行業界から採用された特別の政府機関といえます。実際にInvest Quebecは、政府の経済開発局と銀行との合体とみなすことができますが、純粋の民間銀行と異なるのは、ケベック州に海外投資を引き込むのは短期の利潤動機の仕事というより、長期にわたる努力とコミットメントが必要な仕事という点です。そのために政府がバックしており、その一方で私たちは良い結果を出すようベストを尽くし、民間のビジネスの基準をも満たすように努力しているのです。
以上のようなケベックの利点を日本のビジネス界に知ってもらうようにすることが私の仕事で、そのために例えば、ケベックへの投資に関する講演やセミナーを開催しています。それとともに重要なのは、日本企業のなかで現在北米にビジネスを拡張しようとしている企業を見つけることです。いずれにしても、そのためには毎日の継続した努力が必要で、したがって私がInvestment Japanを代表して日本に駐在しているわけです。両方の世界に住んだことのある私にとって、これは大変ありがたく、やりがいのある仕事といえます。
Investment Quebec (英語):
Investissement Quebec (仏語):

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