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Quebec Premier Jean Charest's Speech: シャレ・ケベック首相の講演

Quebec Premier Jean Charest's Speech: シャレ・ケベック首相の講演

Theme: "Plan Nord"; テーマ:「ケベック北部開発計画プロジェクト」
Date/Time: August 25, 2011, 12:00-14:00; 日時:8月25日12時~14時
Venue: Hotel New Otani, Tokyo; 会場:ホテルニューオータニ(東京)
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Introduction by Dr. Claude-Yve Charron, Delegation General of Quebec in Tokyo; クロード-イヴ・シャロン・ケベック州政府在日事務所代表による紹介
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Luncheon Speech by Quebec Prime Minister Mr Jean Charest

After Dr. Claude-Yves Charron's brief introduction that Quebec Premier Jean Charest is the first Canadian politician who has officially visited Japan since the big earthquake and tsunami on March 11, Mr. Charest gave his speech on the recent economic performance of Canada in general and Quebec Province in particular, emphasizing the strengths of the economy based on new competitive industries as well as various natural resources.
In this context, the Prime Minister outlined the Plan Nord, which is called the project of a generation. Spread over 25 years, the project will lead to investments totalling more than $80 billion for sustainable development in Quebec's northern territory, which is rich in natural resources.
He concluded with his prospects for a new relationship with Japan for mutual economic properity and interaction in trade and investment.


References; 参考
Plan Nord (English): http://plannord.gouv.qc.ca/english/
Plan Nord (French): http://plannord.gouv.qc.ca/

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