To Promote Japan-Quebec Relations by Posting Information about Quebec: カナダ・ケベック州の情報を発信して日本・ケベック関係を促進する


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Cirque du Soleil in Tokyo: シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ・イン東京

Cirque du Soleil in Tokyo: シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ・イン東京

Event@Canadian Embassy: カナダ大使館でのイベント

Ms. Aiko Okawara introducing the Speaker
大河原愛子氏による紹介 81002Q6.jpg

Mr. Daniel Lamarre, President & CEO, Cirque du Soleil

Ms. Suzanne Ethier, concluding the Presentation Session
スザンヌ・エティエ氏の挨拶 81002U6.jpg

On October 2, a special event, featuring Mr. Daniel Lamarre, president and CEO of Cirque du Soleil, was held at the Embassy of Canada, organized by the Canadian Embassy and the Delegation Office of Quebec Government on the occasion that the permanent venue of Cirque du Soleil with a new show "ZED" was just opened at Tokyo Disney Resort.
Mr. Lamarre first mentioned that after Las Vegas, Tokyo is Cirque du Soleil's number one city in terms of ticket sales, and then eloquently explained the secret of his company's success, emphasizing "creativity" as the main value to maintain and promote over monetary returns. He said "we are dreamers," and "dedicated to creation, production and performance on artistic works whose mission is to invoke the imaginations, provoke the senses and evoke the emotions of people around the world." Mr. Lamarre also pointed out that social values are equally important and one percent of the revenue (not the profit!) has been contributed to social causes with a new foundation just established to do more, such as "One Drop" to help solve the water problem on the global scale.
After the presentation, he was willing to answer some questions from the floor, regarding the recrutiment and training of their talented people, and Japan's contribution to their artistic as well as business success. It was such an impressive event that must have satisfied everyone who attended.
The presentation session was concluded by Ms. Suzanne Ethier, Tokyo representative of the Delegation Office of Quebec Government, to be followed by a reception which was hosted by Ms. Christine St-Pierre, Quebec Minister of Culture, Communications & Gender Equality.

Mme Christine St-Pierre giving welcome address

"ZED"; Official Site:
Japan-Quebec Blog (3/23/2007):
DRALION in Quebec Month:ケベック月間の「ドラリオン」

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Day 3: Montreal Events: モントリオールにて

Day 3: Montreal Events: モントリオールにて

Revisiting Botanical Garden: 植物園再訪

Japanese Pavilion & Garden: 日本パビリオン

Reunion with Ms. Sonia Dandaneau on
Japan Program/Exhibitions at the Pavilion
Sonia 80628w2.jpg

Featuring Lacquerware (Called "Japan")
Takashi Maruyama's Works Displayed
漆工芸品の特別展示: 丸山高志氏の作品

Interview with Mr. Takashi Maruyama
Maruyama 80628w4.jpg

It happened that Mr. Takashi Maruyama, executive director of the Japan Urushi Art and Craft Asssociation, gave a lecture on the art of lacquerware as well as offered a "Maki-e" workshop (gold sprinkle lacquer painting) during the weekend when I visited the Japanese pavilion, where I came across Sonia-san with Mr. Maruyama, and she was kind enough to introduce me to him. Then, he was interviewed by a reporter of the Nikka Times about his life with lacquerware, and I was allowed to sit beside them and listen to his interview.
In the interview Mr. Maruyama said that he picked up a necessary skill for lacquer craft work from his father, who was also a lacquer craftman. It was interesting to hear that Mr. Maruyama has found the "goodness" and versatility of lacquer, and has been applying it not only to traditional Japanese woodworks, but also to artcrafts and daily items in Asia and Europe. He is so open-minded!
In response to the interviewer's question of how to revive Japan's lacquerware industry, Mr. Maruyama clearly said that we must go back to "square one," where there should be no extablishment or professional ladder to rank lacquerware only according to conventional standards, which tend to deviate from the original spirit of lacquer and lacquerware.
He surely sounded like a great master in this field, as his points are relevant not only in this particular field but also in other fields of traditional Japanese arts and crafts.
Finally, Mr. Maruyama was really appreciative of Sonia-san for her hard work in organizing this exellent project and inviting him to give presentations about lacquerware.
Reference: 参考: See More Photos (6/28):

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Revisit to Quebec & Montreal:ケベック・モントリオール再訪

Revisit to Quebec & Montreal:ケベック・モントリオール再訪

To Celebrate "Quebec 400":ケベック市400周年記念祝い
Stop over 80626c.jpg

I am now revisiting Quebec to join the City's celebration on its 400th anniversary this year, and also traveling to Montreal to see some friends on this occasion.
It was a long flight from Los Angeles to Quebec City, which took about 10 hours with a long stop-over break (plus a flight delay) at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. But as soon as I arrived at the Quebec Airport, I felt at home, greeted by friendly staff members at the airport as well as at the hotel.
Now I am looking forward to visiting various places and getting together with my friends here in Quebec and also in Montreal.
Previous Visit to Montreal and Quebec (2007/8/29-31):
Quebec City's 400th Anniversary Homepage:
@Hotel 80626e.jpg

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Quebec Blog Seminar:ケベック・ブログ・セミナー

Quebec Blog Seminar:ケベック・ブログ・セミナー

@L’Institut on May 12:日仏会館で5月12日開催

Introductory Address by Mr. Marc Beliveau on behalf of the Tokyo Office of Quebec Government
マルク・ベリボー氏 80512Q.jpg

Moderated by Blog Writer, Takahiro Miyao
ブログの筆者が司会 80512R7.jpg

Panelists, Mr. Obata, Mr. Sota and Mr. Ikeuchi

Quebec Blog Seminar
Sponsored by the Delegation Office of Quebec Government, Tokyo
(Date: May 12, 2008; Place: L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo; Writer: Takahiro Miyao)

On May 12, 7-9pm, a special seminar was held at L’Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo, sponsored by the Delegation Office of Quebec Government to discuss what Japan can learn from Quebec for the purpose of promoting Japan-Quebec relations.

After a brief introductory address was given by Mr. Marc Beliveau on behalf of Representative Suzanne Ethier of the Delegation Office of Quebec Government, Tokyo, interesting presentations were made by three specialists on Quebec, Prof. Yoshikazu Obata (Meiji University) in literature and culture, Prof. Shuji Sota (Atomi Gakuen University) in art management, and Mr. Mitsuhisa Ikeuchi (Corporate Advisor and College Lecturer) in economic affairs, moderated by Takahiro Miyao, who is the author of the Japan-Quebec Blog (http://japanquebec.blog76.fc2.com/).

First, Prof. Obata explained the historical and spiritual background of people in Quebec with special reference to the song, entitled “Gens du Pays” (meaning “people of the nation”). This song has been widely sung by people in Quebec on festive occasions and helping their search for “national” identity for the last few decades, according to Prof. Obata.

Second, Prof. Sota pointed out the unique characteristics of Quebec-style performing arts, as represented by La la la Human Steps and Cirque du Soleil, where not only their artistic quality is first-rate, but also their management system, including production and distribution, is excellent from the business point of view. This is something that Japan can learn from Quebec for acquiring a more open and global perspective in artistic activities including management aspects, according to Prof. Sota.

Third, Mr. Ikeuchi talked about the economic development of Quebec with special emphasis on the effects of its language-cultural policies. He concluded that Quebec’s language policy has benefited its economy after all, because it helped Quebecois obtain their identity and self-confidence so that many French-speaking professionals have been attracted to Quebec, especially Montreal and Quebec City, to work for internationally competitive industries.

Finally, a free discussion involving the audience took place, and many questions were asked about Japan-Quebec relations. Also there was an announcement that an introductory book about Quebec in Japanese will be published by the end of this year. Hopefully, another seminar like this one will be organized in the near future, so that we can discuss further how to improve Japan-Quebec relations.
Prof. Obata’s Interview:
Prof. Sota’s Interview:
Mr. Ikeuchi’s Interview:

(Writer: Takahiro Miyao)



最初に、小畑教授より、ケベックの歴史的背景や精神的支柱についての説明があり、特にケベックの人々がよく歌う「Gens du Pays」(国の人々)という歌が披露された。これはケベックの人々が何かを祝うときに皆で集まって歌うことが多く、これまで何十年にもわたってケベックの「国」としてのアイデンティティの形成に貢献してきたとのことであった。




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Kent Nagano Concert/Reception: ケント・ナガノのコンサート

Kent Nagano Concert/Reception: ケント・ナガノのコンサートとレセプション
Montreal Symphony Orchestra: モントリオール交響楽団

Music Director Kent Nagano@Suntory Hall on 4/14:

There was a fantastic concert, supported by the Canadian Embassy and the Quebec Government-Tokyo Office, which presented Montreal Symphony Orchestra, directed by Kent Nagano at Suntory Hall on April 14.
The program was as follows:
Debussy "Prelude a l'apres-midi d'un faune" (Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun)
Debudssy "La Mer" (The Sea)
R. Strauss "Ein Alpensinfonie op.64" (An Alpine Symphony)
Shubert "Rosamunde" (Rosamunde Incidental Music)
J. P. Bentus "The Variation Sakura Sakura"
Bizet "L'arlésienne" (The Woman of Arles)

Kent Nagano was so dynamic and forceful, yet with intelligence and delicacy, that the audience seemed to enjoy it fully from the beginning to the end.
After the concert, a reception was held, hosted by Quebec Government Tokyo Office Representative Suzanne Ethier in honor of Director Kent Nagano, who expressed his gratitude to his sponsors and all the participants.

Ms. Suzanne Ethier honoring Director Kent Nagano

With Mr. Murata representing Japanese fans

Mrs. & Mr. Ethier joining Mr. & Mr. Isomura

Kent Nagano; Official Site:
Kent Nagano; An Alpine Symphony



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Canada-Japan Roundtable Meeting: 日加ラウンドテーブル

Canada-Japan Roundtable Meeting: 日加ラウンドテーブル

University Partnerships: 大学間パートナーシップ

Mr. Lambert introducing Mr. Tunny & Mr. Tachdjian

Prof. Fujita (left) representing Japanese Consortium
Japan Side AUCCc09.jpg

Canadian counterpart, Prof. Shubet (2nd from right)
Canada SideAUCCd09.jpg

On March 27, a roundtable discussion meeting was held at Chinzanso-Four Seasons Hotel, organized by the Embassy of Canada in Tokyo and the AUCC (Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada) to facilitate collaboration between Canadian and Japanese universities in education and research exchange, in connection with the 2008 APAIE (Asia-Pacific Association for International Education) Conference at Waseda University, March 26-28.
After brief welcoming remarks from Mr. Etienne Lambert (Canadian Embassy) and introductory remarks from Mr. Jean-Philippe Tachdjian (Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Mr. Tom Tunny (AUCC), self-introduction was made by participants representing about a dozen universities on each side.
Then Mr. Tunny offered an overview of Canada-Japan university collaboration and the state of internationalization of at Canadian universities, where he emphasized that internationalization is the mainstream of education and research in Canada and more resources such as scholarships are being allocated for that purpose. Reciprocal efforts have been made on the Japan side and, in particular, the Canada-Japan Student Exchange Program is being established by about 30 Japanese and Canadian universities under the leadership of Professor Naoharu Fujita (Meiji University) and his counterpart, Professor Adrian Shubet (York University). For other programs to support academic collaboration, see the references below.
The most interesting part of the meeting was a free discussion session, where some realistic obstacles and challenges facing both Japanese and Canadian institutions were pointed out by participants on the both sides. Among other things, strong concerns were expressed over difficulties in promoting exchange programs especially in science and engineering, although there seem to be some successful examples even in this field at a couple of science-oriented universities on each side. As many of the participants pointed out, the language problem and possibly the gender element might be an obstacle to further promotion of exchange programs generally, and particularly in the science and engineering field. Toward the end, however, a few good ideas were presented to overcome some of those difficulties such as utilization of the results of Eiken English Test, which is more common and popular than TOEFL in Japan, to evaluate English proficiency of Japanese students.
After the discussion, a networking reception was held by including those members who could not make it to the roundtable meeting due to their participation in the ongoing APAIE Conference at Waseda University. Overall, it was a very informative and fruitful meeting for me and, I am sure, for all the other participants as well.

Then, I joined a group of participants led by Mr. Sylvain St-Amand (UQAM), who attended a reception offered by the Tokyo Office of Quebec Government at a nearby hotel, and enjoyed talking to Madame Suzanne Ethier, Tokyo Office Representative, and other members about further promotion of academic exchange between Japan and Canada in general and Quebec in particular.

APAIE Conference & Exhibition 2008@Waseda:
AUCC (Association of Universities & Colleges of Canada) with 92 members:
JSPA (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science):
NSERC (Natural Science & Engineering Research Council of Canada)
SSHRC (Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada)

まず、カナダ大使館のEtienne Lambert氏とカナダ外務省のJean-Philippe Tachdjian氏およびAUCCのTom Tunny氏の簡単な開会の挨拶に続いて、参加メンバーの自己紹介があり、その後、Tunny氏が日加大学間の交流の現状について報告し、特にカナダの大学の国際化が急速に進んでおり、奨学金制度なども充実しつつある点が指摘された。
日本側でも同様の動きがあり、特に藤田直晴明治大学教授とAdrian Shubertヨーク大学教授のリーダーシップにより30ほどの日加両国の大学が「Canada-Japan Student Exchange Program」(日加学生交流プログラム)を立ち上げたことが報告された。その他の交流支援のプログラムについては、上のリンクを参照。

その後、参加メンバーの何人かのグループがSylvain St-Amand氏(ケベック大学モントリオール校)に引率されて近くのホテルで行われているケベック政府在日事務所主催のレセプションに合流し、Suzanne Ethier代表始め何人かのメンバーと日本とカナダおよびケベックの間での教育・研究交流促進について色々と意見交換を行った。
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Francophonie Festival 2008: フランコフォニー祭

Francophonie Festival 2008: フランコフォニー祭(3/22)

L'Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo: 東京日仏学院

Quebec Fans Gathering, Drinking & Eating@Quebec Booth
ケベックのブース 80322b8.jpg

Joined by Ms. Suzanne Ethier: エティエ代表の特別参加

With Mr. Dignard (above) and Mr. Beliveau (below)

Booklet of This Blog Distributed: 本ブログ小冊子も配布
Francophonie Festival (French):
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Minister Gagnon-Tremblay's Visit: ガニオン・トランブレ大臣訪日

Minister Gagnon-Tremblay's Visit: ガニオン・トランブレ大臣訪日

Luncheon Speech@Tokyo: 東京の昼食会での演説

Quebec Government Minister of Int'l Relations and Francophones
Madame Monique Gagnon-Tremblay, delivering her speech@Okura


Minister Gagnon-Tremblay delivered her luncheon speech on Japan-Quebec relations in front of many invited guests at Hotel Okura on January 21(M), where the luncheon was hosted by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan. In her speech, she emphasized the fact that Japan is Quebec's "most important Asian market for value-added products," and the possibility of closer economic relations in such areas as science and technology, energy and food security, just to mention a few.
She concluded her speech by saying that "the Government of Quebec less than two years ago, adopted an ambitious international policy, [and] many of the key elements of this policy quite naturally seek a multi-faceted relationship with Japan."
It was a very impressive and powerful speech, that will surely help develop a closer relationship between Japan and Quebec in the future. We need more events like this on a regular basis.

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HEC Montreal Prof. Landry's Visit:ランドリーHEC教授の訪日

HEC Montreal Prof. Landry's Visit:ランドリーHEC教授の訪日

For IUJ-HEC Montreal Exchange:IUJとHECモントリオールの交流

Dr Landry (Right) 7.11.07QuebecA10.jpg

Dr. Sylvain Landry, Professor and Director of HEC Montreal's International Projects, visited Japan to promote their exchange programs with Japanese schools. Earlier this year, he signed with Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University for an undergraduate students exchange program.
Today he met three respresentatives of IUJ (International University of Japan) and discussed about a possible exchange program for MBA students and professors. This meeting has been made possible by the Ministry of International Relations-Quebec and the Quebec Government Office-Tokyo. It was a very productive meeting and hopefully will lead to a fruitful exchange program between the two schools.
HEC Montreal: http://www.hec.ca/en/
IUJ: http://www.iuj.ac.jp/

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Presentation to Mr. Clavet: クラヴェ所長への寄贈

Presentation to Mr. Clavet: クラヴェ代表への寄贈

Quebec Interview Summaries: ケベック・インタビュー集


Mr. Jean Clavet at Quebec Gov't Office in Tokyo
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